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Andy MildnerAndy Mildner

You got into business because you had a dream. In your business you do the things you love.

We take away the pain of business administration and help you get clarity and focus around your strategy. Leaving you free to do the stuff you love and to achieve those dreams.

We would love to come on that journey with you...Andy Mildner MD

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The Team

Andy Mildner

Andy Mildner. Managing Director
Making sure everyone is treated like rock stars.

Favourite film:  Withnail & I
Favourite dish:  Gourmet Burger with Lime Milkshake
Favourite quote:  'Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.'

Eily McDonald

Eily McDonald. Senior Accountant
Loving to get all your numbers straightened out.

Favourite film:  A Few Good Men
Favourite dish:  Beef Olives
Favourite quote:  'A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.'

Nicola Coleman

Nicola Coleman. Senior Accountant
Loves to organise efficiently and effectively giving clients peace of mind.

Favourite film:  Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
Favourite dish:  Pahd Thai
Favourite quote:  'Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.' - Albert Einstein

Hayley Harding

Hayley Harding. Accountant
Loving working with numbers and keeping things organised.

Favourite film:  The Jungle Book
Favourite dish:  Slow roasted lamb with boulangere potatoes & braised red cabbage
Favourite quote:  'Dad knows best.'

John Barrow

John Barrow. Accountant (ACA)
Diligent and detailed, he will boost your aims and ideas.

Favourite film:  The Room
Favourite dish:  Turkey Dinosaurs
Favourite quote:  'Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for.' - Socrates

Jay Patel

Jay Patel. Accountant
Loves to balance the books and get the job done.

Favourite film:  City of God
Favourite dish:  Peppercorn Chicken
Favourite quote:  'It's not where you are, it's the direction you're moving in.'

Frank Bastow

Frank Bastow. Chief Energy Officer
Making sure the firm is always buzzing with energy and new ideas.

Favourite film:  True Romance
Favourite dish:  Absolute Udon Soup with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Favourite quote:  'Wherever you go, there you are.'

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Our Services

At AZURE, we provide a comprehensive suite of services for our varied client base including company secretarial, financial advices, book keeping and support for contractors.


At AZURE, we provide a comprehensive suite of accounting options for our varied client base.

Our qualified accountants will prepare full statutory accounts for all structures in line with appropriate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). These accounts will be acceptable to HMRC, Companies House and any business purpose such as borrowing.


We take source documents from our clients invoices, receipts, bank statements etc and maintain details records on our professional data base.


We offer a full year end statutory financial statements service as well as regular periodic reporting to enable you to manage your business.

Our priority at all times is to ensure that our clients fully understand the contact of their financial statements and spend as much time as necessary with our clients so that they clearly understand the impact and implications of their financial statements.

We firmly believe that financial statements and management information are valuable tools for a business rather than a simple statutory filing obligation and actively encourage our clients to understand more about them.


Our detailed and regular book keeping enables us to provide monthly or quarterly management reporting enabling our clients to have a snapshot of their business and project into the future rather than only being able to look back in to the past.


Our detailed records and analytical abilities enable us to provide expert forecasting tools to our clients. Each forecast is tailored and completely flexible as well as being variable based, which means our clients are able to detailed scenario testing.


Put simply, for most businesses, taxation is the single biggest expense in that business.

It makes sense therefore, that this expense is managed by professionals who understand the massively complex UK tax system.

Ranging from self assessment tax, corporation tax, value added tax to capital gains tax, the experts at AZURE will work with our clients to ensure that all taxes are minimised and that business are working in the most tax efficient manner possible.

We also work with our clients to ensure that they fully understand their tax position and future liabilities. It is always better to know what is around the corner. We hate surprises!


Self assessment returns are required for all individuals who are self employed, or employed with other forms of income to declare other than PAYE employment.

All directors of limited companies should complete a return.

For individuals, both employed and self employed, we provide an expert service completing self assessment returns ensuring your tax affairs are complete, on time and take advantage of all tax allowances available.

All self assessment returns are completed online and approved via pdf copies and, as with all out work, our key objective is to ensure our clients understand the contents of their tax returns.


Each Limited Company is required to prepare a corporation tax calculation and submit a return to HMRC on an annual basis. Our expert knowledge ensures that these calculations are complete and correct and filed on time.

Our experts will also work with our clients to ensure that tax liabilities are minimised through careful planning and use of all available tax reliefs.


VAT registration is compulsory for businesses whose annual turnover exceeds the current limit.

Following registration, a business is required to file a VAT return, normally on a quarterly basis.

We provide expert advice regarding VAT registration and the various schemes available, such as the flat rate scheme, annual scheme and cash based accounting which can create a significant saving for our clients.

Our accounting software keeps a constant VAT position, which means at the end of each quarter, the VAT return is a click of a button away. All returns are filed electronically following a review and sign-off process with our clients.


Capital gains tax can arise in any number of ways. Whether from sale of shares, property or any other kind of asset, we work with our clients to ensure capital gains tax is both timed to minimise the tax liability and calculations are done and reported to HMRC correctly.


Having a limited company means you have a million and one regulations to comply with. Unfortunately these requirements are law under the Companies Act of 2006 and in some cases, non compliance of these laws can result in a criminal record.

This means there are many things that you must do as a shareholder and director of a limited company.

We work with our clients to ensure that they and their companies comply with the law and have all the necessary documentation and procedures in place.


The formation of a company is a relatively simple process which we can undertake for our clients.

We also complete a number of other registrations for our clients, with Companies House, HMRC for corporation tax, VAT and PAYE and provide assistance with the opening of bank accounts.

In addition, we take care of all the company secretarial matters required when a company is formed.


Each limited company is required by law to file an annual return to Companies House. We complete these services for our clients.

We also file any other information required by Companies House during the year, such as appointment and registration of directors, or changes to registered office.

Keeping track of filing requirements and deadlines is complicated. With our bespoke systems, we ensure all necessary filings are completed accurately and on time, meaining that expensive penalties are avoided.

All returns are completed online and any filing fees are passed on to our clients.


Limited companies are required to maintain minutes of their board meetings and major decisions. We provide templates for standard events plus guidance for any special events.


Shareholder decisions are generally made via resolutions. We provide guidance as to the content and form of these resolutions and make the appropriate filings where necessary.

Getting this right is essential for shareholder decisions to be legally binding.


It is a legal requirement that each limited company keeps a register of its shareholders and directors.
We can arrange to complete and maintain these registers for our clients.


Share certificates are the evidence of ownership of limited company shares.
We can create these certificates for our clients and also provide custody arrangements.


We have in house people suitable for non-executive positions, along with a wide network of other individuals available to provide this service.


Sometimes it is not possible for a company to have an office in the UK. We have many clients who work abroad and therefore use our office as their registered office.

The registered office is the home of all a company's corporate documents and the address for all important correspondence. It is also the place where all legal documents must be presented.

Having your registered office at your accountants gives you peace of mind, knowing that all correspondence will be logged and dealt with and also that for companies running from individual's homes, that the affairs of the business will never be directed at their homes.


At AZURE, we provide a complete back office solution or a choice of services for our clients.

We believe that certain jobs are better looked after by people who have spent the majority of their working lives in that specific area and these include payroll, payments processing, credit control, budgeting and forecasting.

We work with our clients to ensure that our outsourced services integrate seamlessly with the operations of our clients' businesses and provide them with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an expert is dealing with those areas which may be a bit alien to them.


Our industry leading payroll software means we can take away the headache of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll from you. We keep detailed records, prepare payslips, prepare and file P45/P46 online, and complete all annual returns required by HMRC.


We have the ability to completely take over the back office of a business, including a sales and purchase ledger function. All invoices are logged and business owners given periodic creditor analysis, following which we can arrange payment of invoices.

This offering can be extended to credit control. Chasing customers for money never fun and having the ability to outsource this service means you have a polite and arbitrary resource completing this role for you.


Our accountants have extensive experience in financial modelling and can work with our clients to build analysis tools around any scenarios. These flexible variable based tools give our clients the ability to take our work and adapt it to their needs and their changing circumstances.


The annual budgeting process is normally a painful one, but very necessary and, if done properly, can be extremely valuable to the business. Our accountants have varied experience in this area and can help our clients prepare a meaningful and useful budget.


We are proud to be different from the conveyor belt approach that many accounting providers take to contractors. Each of our contractor clients are individual and unique and are treated as such.

We promise:

• Unlimited access to your accountant
• Same day reply to emails and phone calls
• Face to face meetings where requested
• A personal touch unique to your circumstances
• A Fixed monthly fee

If you are one of the following, please get in touch for more details.

• An existing contractor using a limited company and not getting the service you need

• An existing contractor set up through an umbrella company and want to put more money in your pocket

• An existing contractor set up as self employed and want to take advantage ot the tax savings available through a limited company

• A new contractor who needs a limited company formed and guided through the whole process.

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Why People Love Us

We all love a pat on the head now and again and we're always pleased to share what people have taken the time to say about us . .

Making a world of difference

“Azure really helped me achieve my dreams and transform my world.”

January 13, 2014
Neil Hobbs - First Aid Trainer turned Professional Actor

Gives me time & money to do whatever I want

“W H H H H H H O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o!!!!!.”

September 3, 2012
Top qualities: Nice suit, Time saving
Tommy Bastow - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2012

Effortless financial transformation

“At last I have an Accountant that really understands my needs and the needs of my business. In a short time Andy transformed the financial processes in my company and it seemed effortless. Andy also provides expert advice and is a great motivator. For a Financial Expert he has a great understanding of other functions. I wish I had met him earlier in my career - I suspect I would be a lot wealthier if I had!”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Nikki Owen - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011,
and hired Andrew more than once.

See more

Understands me and my business

“Numbers and figures bore me and can get confusing so can all the runnings of the business. Andy is great for all this, and actually advises the best ways to go about things. I wouldn't use anyone else, he understands me and my business and as seen me from soletrader to just recently registering for VAT. Andy puts the fun in accounting, and isn't dull and boring in a grey suit.”

July 19, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Alex Burrows - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2010

Inquiring, enthusiastic and passionate

“If I could bottle Andy and sell him we would be bigger than Apple! A gentleman to the core, he's wonderfully inquiring, enthusiastic and passionate with everyone he comes into contact with from his adoring family to his friends and clients. If you don't know him - call him, get to know him and before long you will realise you cant do without him. Nothing is ever too much trouble , he approaches even the most complicated business conundrums with an enviable smoothness and an enthusiastic smile.

Andy is much more than an accountant, he's your new secret weapon to growing your business..... Believe me, it will be a remarkable ride and you'll love every minute!”

July 17, 2012
Kate Stallard, Owner, IRIS Partners Limited
- worked directly with Andrew at AZURE financial services limited

Making life easier RIGHT NOW!

“He is passionate about making your life easier not just for the future but for RIGHT NOW. Great Value. Great Service. Great Guy.”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Frank Bastow - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011,
and hired Andrew more than once

An Excellent service

“Andy took the pain out of setting up my own Ltd company, leaving me to get on and do the work!....Excellent service, I would definitely recommend him.”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
Kirsten Oliver - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011

Always very professional

“I have found the service from Andrew to always be very professional, efficient and with expert knowledge. Andrew is always on hand to answer any questions arising. He has been diligent and focussed in all dealings with the HRMC, resulting in good results. I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a excellent accountant.”

August 1, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Laura Harfield - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011

A first class service

“Andy is pleasantly proactive, helpful and reliable. The service he provides is first class; he has dealt with all our queries thoroughly and honestly. I will highly recommend Andy- Very professional, personable and an expert in his field of work.”

September 3, 2012
Top qualities: Engaging, Expert, On Time
Mansi Koshy hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2012

Providing sincere advice

“Andrew is just simply a professional. I have known Andy for many years and it is a pleasure to have met someone so dear, no frills ask him what you wish to know, be clear and no fear and Andy will provide you with sincere advice. This is not the person that you need mess around as his valuable time is needed by those who respect his input. Keep up the good work Andy.”

July 24, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Silvi Magloire - hired Andrew as a Recruiter in 2011,
and hired Andrew more than once

A first class service

“Andy is pleasantly proactive, helpful and reliable. The service he provides is first class; he has dealt with all our queries thoroughly and honestly. I will highly recommend Andy- Very professional, personable and an expert in his field of work.”

September 3, 2012
Top qualities: Engaging, Expert, On Time
Mansi Koshy hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2012

My experience is that he delivers!

“I am delighted to recommend Andrew, a calm assured highly competent professsional. His business is to look after his clients' financial affairs, so they can focus their energies on their own business. My experience is that he delivers!”

July 24, 2012
Paul Walsh, 2001 - current Managing Director, Phoenix Training and Consulting Ltd
- was with another company when working with Andrew at AZURE financial services limited

A big-heart, big ideas

“Andrew is an excellent, trustworthy accountant who is a real expert in his field, and so much more. He has a big-heart, big ideas and really wants to understands his clients needs so he can assist them in achieving their goals. Andrew is one in a million and I can't recommend him highly enough.”

July 20, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Mark Desvaux - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011,
and hired Andrew more than once

Softly agressive in finding new ways

“Andrew has been a real eye opener when it comes to being forward thinking and passionatly but softly agressive in finding new ways to push forward for the good of the company and those who surround him.”

July 13, 2012
Dave brown, sales director, bastows ltd
- worked directly with Andrew at AZURE financial services limited

Critical advice to my business

“Andrew is a very knowledgeable professional who provided excellent time critical advice to my business activities. Andrew made it his business to know my business and the associated impact of following certain courses of action. I would have no hesitation to recommend Andrew as a financial services executive.”

July 14, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Nick Faint - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011,
and hired Andrew more than once

Patience and humour very welcome

“Andy's service and knowledge is incomparable, his approach client-focussed, his problem-solving skills impressive, and his patience and humour very welcome!”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Niki Rosenbaum - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011

An ability to extract and interpret

“Andy is an intelligent, well-educated and hardworking individual. Combined with a very friendly personality, his ability to extract and interpret the requirements of the task at hand and translate into appropriate solutions are second to none. In a highly competitive and professional market Andy successfully combines experience, knowledge and personality to make him stand out from the crowd.”

July 13, 2012
Chris Chapple, Business Solutions Consultant, Temenos
- worked directly with Andrew at AZURE financial services limited

Best accountant

“Andy is the best accountant I have come across in 10 years. That's all I need to say”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Jamie Escott - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2003

Without lots of paperwork and fuss

“Andrew is a great Accountant and has given us some very useful advice. He has handled our company and personal tax affairs extremely efficiently and without lots of paperwork and fuss. He took over our finances and transformed what had previously been a very unsatisfactory situation. I highly recommend Andy - he certainly knows his stuff!”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
Sandy Todd - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011

Putting clients first

“I have known Andrew for a number of years and have always been impressed with his client handling skills and ability to work with clients in a professional and friendly manner. Andrew always puts his clients first and provides a first rate service.”

July 13, 2012
Pierre Blampied, Managing Director, SPF Private Clients (Channel Islands) Limited
- was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at AZURE financial services limited

Engaging and reassuring

“Andy gave me some help when I was considering a consulting venture. He has a great balance of providing a really expert service, in a way that engages and reassures people they are in good hands. Would be my first port of call when I next need a highly commercial accountant.”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Steve Drake - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2010

Developing new business ideas

“Andy's accountancy services have not only helped me structure and run my consultancy business in a efficient manor, he also has helped develop new business ideas and introduced me to contacts to kickstart them as new ventures.”

July 13, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Alan Parkinson - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2010,
and hired Andrew more than once

A grateful recommendation

“I have thanked many times the person who recommended Andy to me. Andy's really great to work with. No more needs to be said.”

June 15, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Paul Edwards - hired Andrew as a Accountant in 2011

Tenacious, practical, proactive

“It is a pleasure to know and work with Andy, he is an absolute gentleman. He is highly experienced, thorough, tenacious, practical, proactive and always professional. Andy delivers a fantastic service to his clients and is an invaluable business partner.”

December 17, 2008
Bernadette Mulkeen, Standards, Quality & Special Projects Manager,
Augentius Fund Aministration LLP - worked directly with Andrew at
Augentius Fund Administration LLP

Excellent customer service focus

“Andrew is very diligent and has an excellent customer service focus. When we worked together he managed to help the business increase revenues substantially by revisiting legal agreements and collecting unpaid revenues. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew.”

July 17, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Craig Allen, Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse
- worked directly with Andrew at Credit Suisse

Distilling complex accounting and business

“Andrew is one of the most diligent and calmest people it has been my pleasure to work with and for. He takes everything in his stride and distils complex accounting and business issues down to their fundamental parts, explaining everything in plain English so you understand what he's doing and, more importantly, what you need to do.

Articulate, engaging, and pragmatic are just a few of the words that I could use to describe Andy, but when you add in his impressive technical knowledge enthusiasm and dedication it makes him invaluable to any organisation. But then there is so much more to him than that! Outside the office he is great fun too, challenging any stereotypes you may have about accountants being dull; just don't play him at Pool....”

July 19, 2012
Richard Davies, Senior Private Equity Fund Administrator,
IPES - reported to Andrew at IPES

A strong commercial edge

“Andrew is a very personable and bright accountant who has a strong commercial edge. He delivers results and has high standards always performing beyond expectations.”

January 12,2009
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Harvey Gretton, Partner, Blayze Unguem
- was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Augentius Fund Administration LLP

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Our Beautiful Universe

Part of our vision at AZURE is to create a beautiful universe of clients, friends and family who are all fully aligned and love to look after each other.

We freely promote every one of our clients to our networks and below are some links. All of our clients can be treated as "pre-sold" and they will always deliver.

We would love to add you to our universe - jump on board.

The Founding Fathers

Andy Mildner

Andy is an accountant with a difference. He discovered whilst working in the private equity industry that what he really enjoyed doing is helping people. Making their lives easier, smarter and wealthier. Andy set up Azure in 2008 in order to pursue this calling to help people transform their lives and achieve the dreams that they were chasing in their businesses.

Andy qualified as an accountant in 1999 and has worked in a number of sectors including insurance, centralised mortgages, private banking and private equity. He has also been pursuing a deep interest in personal development and has been working on discovering tools to help his business owners get their mindset into the right place to make decisions to the benefit of his clients businesses.

Andy is married to his gorgeous wife ieva and has 3 amazing boys who are his reason for getting up in the morning.

Frank Bastow

Frank has always striven for perfection, attaining his Bronze swimming award in 1969 and a Black Belt in Karate at the age of 15. Unable to take up the offer of further training in Japan, he gravitated to the world of music and was the singer and bass guitarist for a cult 80's indie band.

His business acumen was being honed at the same time by working in the retail trade developing franchises for a leather company and within a renowned accountancy firm.

Having worked within the family building & contracting company for several years, in his late 20's he started Tremayne Ltd, undertaking building and decorating contracts in London. Then in 2000 he merged the two companies into Bastows and embarked on a huge re-branding and expansion programme.

In 2014 Frank decided to put his expertise and knowledge to good use, and share it with the wider world, penning the seminal work 'Don't Be A Can't'- already considered a classic of the genre by those in the know.

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We love

  • We are partnered with Xero, the coolest accounting system on the planet

We love

  • We are partnered with Xero, the coolest accounting system on the planet

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